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Additive for 10kg screed

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This is mixture made up of specific products to favour the blendings and the concrete mixing: it is used either for self-levelling concretes for the floor laying, in particular for radiant panel systems, either for the preparation of concretes having high fluidity features.

Has an elevated dispersing power such as to favour the concrete mixing and the reduction of the laying times. It does not need vibration. It does not contain harmful components for the concrete, the metals or for the plastic pipe. It contains minimum quantities of chlorides and alkali.

The advantages of using the this are the following:
• reduction of the water quantity up to 25%
• reduction of the ageing cycles
• low shrinking due to the improved ratio water/concrete • self-levelling

• increase of the concrete impermeability, such to obtain manufactured goods having high resistance to frost/defrost cycles and to the attack of chemical agents.


is suitable for all pre-stressed, reinforced, ready-mixed, pumped and etc. concretes for which a very moist mixing and elevated resistances are requested. To be added directly into the concrete mixer during the mixing in the quantity of 1 litres for each 100 Kg of concrete.


Store in dry and protected ambient, far from heat sources and ultra-violet Rays. Do not expose to temperatures lower than 0 °C. Otherwise the product has to be re-heated at room temperature and mixed. It is advisable to mix the product before using it, in case it has been stores for long periods. The product features are guaranteed, provided that the packaging is intact, for a length of time of two years. The production and packaging date corresponds to the identification batch number, shown on the packing.


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