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Aluminum foil for 50m2 underfloor heating

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Grid film aluminium foil for underfloor heating 50 m².

Special aluminised grid film for floor insulation when laying water underfloor heating.

For installations of underfloor heating, to protect the staple plates from moisture, during renovation work, to increase the energy efficiency of buildings.

The aluminised grid film for floor insulation is used to protect the stapler panels (polystyrene boards, insulation boards, roll-jet) in water-conducted underfloor heating from the penetration of moisture from the cement mortar as well as the concrete mass itself. Thanks to its unique technical parameters, the grid film reflects heat generated in underfloor heating systems evenly across the entire surface, preventing excessive heat loss.
This insulation film has a thickness of 0.105 mm, which is almost double as thick unlike most competitors. The film is very robust and easy to work with. The metallised thermal insulation is a composite made of aluminised PP and PE film laminate, with intermediate printed laying lines with a grid of 10 cm x 10 cm.

Protects polystyrene panels from moisture in the screed.

Metallised/aluminised surface reflects heat all over the entire surface, preventing heat loss.
Surface weight of the film results in an optimal ratio of its weight to its tear resistance and vapour tightness.
The film is extremely tear-resistant and is characterised by a very low vapour diffusion.
With practical grid print and overlap strips 2 cm (total width of the roll is 1.02 m).

Technical data:
Material: PP / AL / LDPE
Thickness: 0.105 mm
Colour: aluminium, red grid
Dimensions: 1 m x 50 m = 50 m² on a roll

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