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Underfloor Heating Package 100m2

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Creating the perfect underfloor heating system for your home or commercial premises is only a step away with our complete warm water underfloor heating system. With sufficient pipe length to cover 100m², has all the high quality products and parts that you would expect.

The Pipe & Clip Underfloor Heating System is simple to install, the Pex layer pipe is clipped into the insulation layer before the screed is either trowel applied or liquid screed is poured.

We always recommend that the pipe is cut accurately and reamed out to give a good connection with the fittings, preventing a leak.
Heating Kit – 100.0m²:
  • 800 metres 16mm pipe lifetime warranty
  • “A” Rated Low Energy bio amg pump and thermomix automatic blending valve
  • 10 Port Manifold – High quality nickel plated brass with dualmix manifold assembley
  • 2 x Water drain/fill valves
  • 2 x Thermometer Ball Valves
  • 2  x Auto Bleed Valves
  • 20 x 16mm Pipe Connectors (Eurocone)
  • 3000 High Grip Pipe Clips
  • 750 Edge Insulation
  • aluminium foil 100m2

Floor Coverage: 100.0m² – 120.0m²
– 100.0m² @ 100mm spacing for areas of high heat loss (conservatories)
– 120.0m² @ 200mm spacing for primary heating (living room, bathroom, bedrooms)

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